Malscape Snapshot: Malicious Activity in the Office 365 Cloud

The accelerating migration to the cloud is creating an attractive target for cybercriminals. One of the primary offerings is Microsoft Office 365. Lastline took a closer look and provided a brief history of Office 365 attacks, and then we took a close look at two recent attacks to illustrate the challenges of effectively protecting employees from attack once your company makes the move to Office 365.

Malscape Snapshot: Malicious Activity in the Office 365 Cloud
By Andy Norton and Stefano Ortolani

Threat Actors Targeting Homebuyers with Phishing Attacks

Consumers should be exceedingly vigilant in their interactions with parties claiming to be involved in ongoing real estate transactions while realtors, mortgage brokers, and other industry organizations should educate customers about security and take steps to avoid abuse of their brands. Moreover, real estate professionals should implement layers of protection against increasingly frequent attacks on the industry.

Find out how real estate professionals can take measures to protect themselves.


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