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A program of WCMAD, a 501c3 nonprofit organization

eGirl Power

Our eGirl Power program helps girl to identify and build upon their personal strengths, develop leadership skills, and prepare for college and career readiness through fun and engaging educational workshops, youth leadership summits, “Career Day” field trips, mentorship and more, with an additional focus on online safety and cybersecurity basics.

What Makes Our Program So Effective?


Our proven program inspires girls with role models from a wide range of industries, sharing with girls the many possibilities for future career fields and success.


Guest speakers, mentors and educators guide girls to explore a variety of potential college majors and career paths so they can make informed educational and career choices.


As each and every individual is skilled and talented in different areas, our approach to building self-confidence among girls is to help them learn about and identify their unique strengths.


We equips girls with the tools for success as they prepare for college and career readiness.


Girls who complete our leadership program showed average gains of 20% improvement in self-esteem, as measured in self-esteem surveys provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Program Events

At the Youth Summit held on “Make a Difference Day”, Guest Speaker Loreen Arbus mentored and advised youth attendees; and high school girls led and participated in several community service projects to help others and the community.

Educating & Empowering Girls

Created by educators with over 100 years of classroom experience teaching and guiding the youth, our program goals are to empower girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and achieve their full potential.

A Focus on Leadership, STEM, Cyber & Online Safety


Our program prepares girls to be future leaders of tomorrow.

Did You Know?

When females participate in leadership activities in high school, they are more likely to see less of a gender gap in their occupation than those female students who did not participate in leadership activities.


With WCMAD, girls gain the confidence to pursue careers with a strong interest and focus in STEM.

Did You Know?

Research shows that greater confidence in girls leads to greater interest in STEM and vice versa.



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